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Alignment is Everything : Yoga & Plumb Line Intensive Clinic

  • Does one side of your body feel more balanced than the other? 

  • Learn about your Plumb line to understand your body in space

  • Learn to improve on common poses during yoga practice, tone muscle, protect joints, and gain core strength

  • Learn YOUR alignment and go deeper on and off the mat

  • 200 hr YTT training

yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher

Pump You Up! Yoga Muscles Intensive Clinic 

  • Learn the secret to strong & powerful “yoga” muscles 

  • Muscles work together in families (force couples) during your yoga practice 

  • Improve strength & stamina in key poses: standing, seated, back bending, balancing, inversions and twisting poses 

  • Power up and go deeper into your yoga muscles, learn when to bind, build your personal growth in inversions, and take flight in your yoga practice

  • 200 hr YTT training

yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher

From Back Pain to Back Bends : Spine Intensive Clinic


  • Prevent back pain, go deeper in back bends, and reverse the weekly stress on your spine

  • Advance to the next level of your practice in Forward Folds, Side Bends, and Twists

  • Learn about the 5 Spinal movements and where you fit in

  • Improve strength, endurance & flexibility in your spine, back and core

  • 200 hr YTT training

yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher
  • Hands On experience of the body in motion during yoga practice

  • Evidence-based science practices from National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM

  • Topics include:  Muscle Families, Joints & Connective Tissues, Spinal Movement, Posture, Alignment & Plumb Line 

  • Yoga teachers: Brush up on anatomy terms, postures, and connect with your class on a deeper level

  • Yoga students: Peek inside a Teacher Training Program! Deepen your personal practice.Everyone can attend these Master Clinics

  • **All 2.5 hr courses are approved by Yoga Alliance for continuing education & CPUs

yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher

Connecting the Dots : Your Joints & Yoga Intensive Clinic


  • Joints are for stability and form a pillar to build your practice

  • Some joints are for movement, and some are for stability

  • Learn to smooth out your transitions during yoga practice

  • Learn to strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the joints

  • Safely explore the boundaries of your range of motion, and go deeper in yoga poses

  • 200 hr YTT training

What Moves You? Total Body Flexibility Intensive Clinic


  • There are 8 glorious ways your body moves in yoga practice

  • Your movements and range of motion are unique to you  

  • Wondering if binding poses are ever going to happen?  

  • This intensive clinic builds body awareness and helps us recognize why it is ok that we all look different 

  • Learn tricks, cheats, and tips to going deeper in forward folds, balance poses, standing series, inversions, and more

  • 200 hr YTT training

yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher

Yoga Anatomy For Everyone

Anatomy & Physiology Intensive Master Clinics 
RYT 200 YogaTeacher Training & Master Course Descriptions

RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Training & Master Classes

Systems of the Body : Advanced Physiology Intensive Clinic


  • The Brain on Yoga

  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory benefits of regular practice

  • Neurological functions and benefits during practice

  • Physiology of breath, concentration, and meditation within asana practice

  • Muscle Recruitment and ongoing research applications of Yoga

Inside a Private Session :  Private Yoga Teacher Intensive Clinic


  • Evaluate a student in a private setting using evidence based tools and forms

  • Learn to assess range of motion, movement & plumb line

  • Tailor yoga lesson plans & personalize student "homework"

  • Writing a client report, plan of action, & record keeping

  • Interviewing a client and asking the right questions

Yoga as Therapy :  Clinical Aspects of Yoga Intensive Clinic

  • Low back pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint Injury

  • What happens to the mind/body connection in yoga practice

  • The value yoga has for the student in their own care and treatment

  • Yoga as Therapy for Addiction, Depression, Eating Disorders, Menopause, MS, Parkinsons, PTSD, Smoking Cessation, Trauma, Veterans, etc.

  • Yin Yoga, meditation, visualisation techniques, modifications

Advanced Anatomy Application : Hands-On Advanced Adjustments Intensive Clinics -  2 Sessions

  • How to modify yoga poses for all Yoga Bodies

  • Brush up on joints, muscles, and tendons

  • Recognize individual anatomy challenges and tailor specific alignment adjustments

  • Recognize forces, joint moments, and muscle movement recruitment patterns to safely adjust any student 

  •  Part 1: Sun Salutations A&B and standing poses (AM)

  • Part 2: Seated poses, back bending, forward folds, savasana (PM)

(*Experienced teachers only unless cleared by program director)
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