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Melissa Nordin is a Health Educator, Public Speaker, Nutritionist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, experienced Yoga Teacher, and published author. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation and various certifications in Nutritional Counseling


Change is scary.  That's a very real emotion everyone has when taking on a new, healthy habit. I believe you are doing the best that you can with the tools you have.  So, let's add to your toolbox!  Ditch the word "change".  Let's opt for  a lifestyle lift. Together, we can build onto the healthy habits you already have, and here's how.  My philosophy is simple.

Meet Melissa and the  W.E .L. L.  Program.




WISDOM:  Food and fitness work together for optimum health results

Tip:  Eat 2.5 cups of fruit & veg daily  

EXERCISE: Let’s get moving  

GOAL: 30 min/day, 5 days/week 

Tip: Take the stairs, wall push ups, Daily yoga (modified to your needs)

LIFESTYLE LIFT:  Easy changes &  better choices

Tip: Reduce stress in your life

  • Batch cook healthy meals for dinner and take for lunches during the week

  • Try a new fresh fruit or veggie every week 

  • 10 minute brisk walk daily or dance around the living room for 10 minutes

Ditch the words change and diet. 

Upload to a lifestyle lift.  

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