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Corrective Exercise Programs

Corrective Exercise & 

Injury Prevention  Programs


I perform a structural assessment and full evaluation of your Range of Motion. Then, we work together to better understand what is happening in the body and how to increase range of motion and muscle strength so we can get you right back out there. 


I create a comprehensive guide to address all your body's needs, and I include you in every step of the process.  You receive a customized program and log for your exercises in addition to full instructions and photos helping you on your road to re-alignment.  We touch base again 6 weeks later to assess your progress and proceed from there. 


Human movement science is the study of how the body functions as an inter-dependent system.


Our muscular system (functional anatomy), skeletal system (functional biomechanics), and the nervous system (motor behavior) all work together as "TEAM YOU" to move and stretch the body.


If TEAM YOU needs a coach, that's where corrective exercise comes in. I help teach you the blueprint exercises you need to strengthen your self towards optimum health and fitness.


  • New Client 2 hour Evaluation | $135 

    • Included: 2 hr initial one-on-one evaluation, Range of Motion Assessment, Postural Assessment, OHS and SLS assessment and a full Exercise Prescription Program.  

      • Program is submitted with 72 hours of evaluation.  

      • Mandatory initial 2 hour evaluation before other services can be provided


  • Existing Client 2 hour Evaluation | $120 

    • Included: 1hr re-evaluation, Range of Motion & Postural Assessment, OHS/SLS assessment and an amended Exercise Prescription Program.

  • One 1hr Addt'l Private Session | $65  

    • Included:  re-evaluation, OHS and SLS assessment, adjusted program - Open to existing clients only


  • Session Package | $385  - BEST VALUE

    • Included: 2 hr initial evaluation and program

      • 2 addt'l 6 week follow up re-assessments  

      • Program tools, lifestyle assessment, and fitness nutritional consultation



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