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Weekly Planner


Priorities Weekly Planner

barriers worksheet jpg.jpg

Identifying Barriers to Success Worksheet

Readiness to Change 2.jpg
Setting goals jpg.jpg

Grocery Plan from

Readiness to Change

Wellness Wheel

Setting SMART Goals


Corrective Exercise Program, NASM, Range of Motion, yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher

Corrective Exercise Program

With Yoga

health initiative, wellness challenge, fitness, 10,000 steps, corporate health challenge, corporate wellness challenge, biggest loser challenge

Corporate Health Initiative

 Fitness Challenge during the Holidays

yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher, corrective exercise, NASM

Traditional Corrective Exercise


yoga, beginner yoga class, easy yoga, stretch, fit, tone, corporate health, corporate yoga class

Corporate Beginner

Yoga Class

personal fitness, cardio, exercise, weights, corrective execise, NASM

Personal Fitness Program with Cardio, Exercise and Weights

yoga teacher, corporate wellness, health , fitness, exercise physiologist, yoga anatomy teacher

Corporate Ergonomic Stretch & Tone 

Lunch & Learn

injury prevention, back care, stretch, sit and fit

Injury Prevention

Stretch & Tone 

Lunch & Learn

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