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A Mentor "From the Mat" -- Kim Denham

I would like to acknowledge a Mentor “FROM THE MAT” :

eRYT-200 Yoga Teacher Kim Denham.

While chatting with our Supermarket demo chef Rebecca with the Publix TM Aprons program, she shared her story with me about her personal road to wellness and mindfulness. She accredits much of her success to her teachers. Here is her story.

Years ago, Rebecca joined the YMCA with her husband to take control of her health. She was 62, overweight, tired, and knew she was at risk of developing Diabetes due to family history. Rebecca started eating healthy and walking on the treadmill. She continued on with wellness and attended fitness classes at the YMCA: Yoga, Tai Chi, and group strength.

Rebecca accredits her success to her teachers in those classes, and one of those teachers is Kim Denham. Kim is a local yoga teacher in the Tampa Bay area with an enthusiasm for yoga and all things playful on the mat. Today let's acknowledge KIM DENHAM, a mentor FROM THE MAT who is making a difference in our community. Thanks for your service Kim!

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