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How to Pack Your Lunch Box in 5 Easy Steps

Busy day? Don't let a hectic schedule derail your health and wellness. Stress less and plan ahead by packing a lunch box.

  1. Save $$ by re-using glass jars and containers when buying full size snack options

  2. Up cycle: Use an old makeup case as a glam lunch box

  3. Count every morsel that goes in there: portion control is key to staying trim and healthy when you put all your goodies into snack containers.

  4. Pack a bit of everything: Stay on top of daily nutrition to insure you are getting the recommend daily allowance (RDA) with servings of fruits, veg, whole grains, protein, calcium, and healthy fats.

  5. Stay hydrated all day: Pack plenty of water because it helps with appetite control

Check out for recipes, grocery lists, daily intake info and ideas.

Featured here:

  • 2 servings of veg - cucumber & tomatoes

  • 1 servings of fruit - apple w/ lemon juice

  • 2 servings of both dairy & protein - low fat cheese stick & yogurt drink

  • 1/2 serving of healthy fats - 4 walnuts halves & 6 pistachios

  • 1/2 serving of whole grains - 1/2 serving of whole grain goldfish crackers

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