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Home Made Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll

​​I've been "rolling" around this idea for weeks. (Haha) I wanted to tackle creating one of my favorite take-away foods without the added nonsense that can derail a healthy diet. My main questions were:

  1. How can I lower my sodium intake, nix the white rice obsession, and control exactly what goes in my sushi roll?

  2. Would it be easy? Surprisingly, YES.

There were so many flavors packed into the brown rice and salmon. I didn't even need soy sauce.

Adding tangy greek yogurt bound most of the ingredients together and provided a tangy flavor that was an alternative to those mayo-heavy sauces.

I filled the rest of the roll with avocado and spinach to create a more dense texture and so it wouldn't fall apart when I cut it.

Tip: Wet the knife as you cut the roll into pieces and take your time

Here's how I did it:

  • Roast the seaweed to give it a nutty flavor

  • Swap cream cheese OUT and avocado IN to create a rich, creamy texture

  • Swap a heavy sauce for non-fat greek yogurt

  • Swap white rice for brown rice with Chia and Flax seeds sprinkled in for texture and crunch

  • Add lots of spinach to fill the roll with green goodness

  • Use nitrate-free Alaskan smoked salmon with cracked pepper

Note: Make sure you place the seaweed in the correct rolling direction. As you can see, I forgot that tip!

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