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Focus On: 6 $pending Tips : #1

Tip #1 : Prevent Over Buying

Inventory Your Food and Supplies & Make A List Of What You DO Have:

  • Cook the produce you have in the refrigerator first before you go out to buy more. This saves you money and ensures you eat your fruits and veg at their peak freshness

  • Make a list of things you have at home such as spices, meats, and produce.

  • Make your "to do" list. Bring both lists with you to the stores

  • "Price check" and plan your weekly menu for a well rounded diet

  • Look in the spice cabinet, freezer & crisper drawer.

  • Get creative and vary your purchases

  • Cut down on sodium by making your own taco seasoning, marinades, and dry rubs

Tip 1

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