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Focus On: 6 $pending Tips: #3

Tip #3: Make A Weekly Menu Before You Shop :

5 tricks to help you get started

  • Stick to the plan and budget.

  • DO NOT stray from the plan

  • Shop for real food & avoid processed, pre-made, and boxed foods with preservatives and unrecognizable ingredients.:

  • Buy only fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, beans, dairy, & protein

  • Make this your ultimate goal:

  • Add variety and color with every meal and "eat the rainbow" of color with fruits and vegetables

  • Add lean protein in every meal to combat cravings and snacking.

  • Lean pork, beef or chicken

  • Fish: Salmon, shrimp, etc

  • Low fat dairy: Yogurt, white cheeses

  • Non-meat options: peas, lentils, nuts/seeds, beans

  • Plan for a heart healthy diet with a "Meatless Monday"

  • Black bean quesadillas, vegetarian chili, Veggie Stir fry, etc.


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