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My New Year's Re-Solution to an age-old problem...

 I'm not about making New Year's Resolutions unless they can apply  for every day life.

Q: What belongs on my plate for it to be a "well balanced" meal EVERY TIME?  Let's break down what that means.

A: Re-solution: Finding another solution to your problem.  

To have a "well balanced" meal EVERY TIME, here's my tip for breaking down what your plate should have in the new year. Look at a typical place setting in terms of "pie pieces." 

1/2 your plate should be Veggies 

1/4 plate of Protein (meat or plant)

1/4 plate of seeds, nuts and/or grains

1 Tablespoon of a healthy fat (I chose olives)

1-2 oz of low fat dairy or calcium rich food 

Check out my insta feed for lots of options I post regularly. Or do the research on

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