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4 Steps to Setting Goals While Working from Home

Everyone is experiencing a shift in the new normal. How we react and prepare is what constitutes strength. With any change, we need a game plan.

We can use health and wellness coaching tools and apply them to today's challenges as we transition to work and life from home. Having a plan and an open line of communication helps us ease the stress and tension that change can have on our health and well-being.

Here is some help in 4 easy steps:

  1. Set short term and achievable goals with measurable results

  2. Identify any barriers you may have, reach out to your community for assistance, and ask for the help you need

  3. Make a weekly planner, gratitude planner, and meal planner to help you and everyone in your household to stay organized

  4. Make time for mindfulness and self care with breathing and meditation techniques. Get everyone involved.

Remember, we are not alone. Although it is an uncertain time, we can choose to see the positive aspects. This can be an opportunity to Level Up To A Lifestyle Lift

Download the Powerpoint tutorial HERE

See the webinar on helping our allied health professionals during this difficult time

Goal Setting strategies HERE

Identifying Barriers worksheet HERE

Weekly planner tools HERE

Meditation and Stress relief workbook HERE

Modified Yoga Sun Salutation HERE

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