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Lentil Stew with Whatcha Got

Summertime cooking should be relaxed and groovy. Especially if you are on vacation. I wish that we could all whisk away together to one of my favorite foodie spots - the Italian region of Tuscany. Unfortunately, it is not 100% safe to travel yet.

What if we just bring Tuscany to us? Now you can with my favorite Tuscan Lentil stew. Anyone can do this. Basically it's a small bit of prep, then simmer till dinner! Dust off the Dutch oven, and let's eat al Fresco. This dish is super easy, great on a budget, and can turn into an "empty the crisper drawer" moment.

The only rule is to cook with quality food: fresh produce, canned veg, and frozen are all fine choices. Don't be afraid to get creative. This stew is also great to freeze for later, especially when you need a yummy food hug (cause real hugs are not recommended right now.)

You deserve a healthy meal that's big on flavor, low on calories AND great on any budget. Enjoy.

#soup #wellness #eatyourveggies #livingwell #beitalian #mindfuleating #vegetarian #healthy

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